5 Advantages of Having Toilet Seat Warmers

A heated toilet seat warmer is a luxury you might generally be shrugged off since, in our minds, we think that it is an unnecessary tool. With or without it. A toilet can still deliver in its due diligence making it extra hard for people to give a toilet seat warmer or even bidets a chance at redemption. We have tested and asked hundreds of people who have at least given it a try to tell us about it.

And here are some of the advantages and benefits they experienced when they tested it out

Relaxes Muscles

We all know the dread of walking into the toilet early in the cold morning. And bracing ourselves for the cold contact our bottom would have. This experience usually tenses up the muscles around your anus making it hard for you to do the deed. For people who have experienced the full benefit of the toilet seat warmers. They don’t have to fear to relieve themselves because the seat is already comfy and cozy enough. The heat also helps you relax and enjoy it thus encouraging you to go to the bathroom more. This feature is something you’ll miss when you go travel around.

Saves Energy

One misconception that the ordinary consumers have when it comes to excellent toilet products is the energy consumption of it. It is what they think even though they still haven’t asked about it yet. The toilet seat heater costs less, and most of the brands pride themselves on how economically and nature-friendly their products are. “You will barely see and feel the difference.” said one user. “It’s like charging a phone. Very minimal.” said another. Regardless there is only one way for you to find out.

Adjustable Water Temperatures

The adjustable water temperature is another feature that might pique your interest in toilet seat warmers are the adjustable temperature. It ensures that you do not have to worry about it being scalding hot or cold. The seat has different options for you to adjust and choose from which is excellent especially considering the temperature in your home.

Self Cleaning

We all know that cleaning a toilet takes massive resolve. What if you would never have to clean the toilets ever again? That’s right, the toilet seat warmer also has a deodorizing and cleaning function that is hands-free. It helps you around the germs that you might contract during the cleaning process and of course, keeps it mighty clean so that you would not have to worry about the odor and the idea of germs contaminating your young ones.

Air Dryer

Another feature that people overlook is the heated air dryer included in more recent versions. It is a feature which gently blows warm air to your bottom and genital area drying it in no time. It also is a big plus because this feature will save you a lot of money from using toilet papers – more money in planning for your dates.

There you have it five benefits or advantages that a toilet seat warmer can give you. So, stop reading and go ahead and buy. You’ll never know the individual benefits it can provide you.