Energy Bars – the On-the-go Meal.


The market for junk food and fast food soared high as it provided people with ease of eating and convenience. Today people run on tight schedules, a train to catch, a meeting to attend or classes to reach on item etc. Thus missing meals or skipping one to meet the deadline or reach on time. With high calorie, high fat and sugary junk food available at every turn is another hurdle to eating healthy.

This junk indeed provides you with calorie and energy to get by the day but it is ‘empty calories’ without any useful nutrients.  Your body needs energy to function but it also needs nutrients that nourish your body, improve your mental function, boost immunity and protect against diseases.

Even when on tight schedules you need healthy food and snacks that nourishes and not harm your body.  There are many healthy snacks and alternatives out to choose from both naturally grown and prepared and one of them is energy bars.


Energy bars gained popularity because of their grab and go status quo. These small pocket sized energy bars help you carry your daily refill of nutrition in your pocket, bag or purse.

Made using natural organic ingredients, energy bars provide you with wholesome nutrients and healthy energy. Some of the ingredients common used in energy bars include – fruits, nuts, dried fruits, seeds, oats, cereals, honey, granola, quinoa, soya, whey etc.

A wide range of flavours makes it a delicious treat to enjoy while on-the-run. There are many types of energy bars flooding the market. Energy bars are now not just restricted to the protein but encompass the best of all nutrients and food ingredients.  From High calorie energy bars before a workout, run or ride to low calorie bars for people on a diet. There are meal replacers and breakfast bars for all those complain about time. The very old protein bars to recover after a workout or the granola bars to accompany you while you hit the road or hike your way through wilderness.

Though small in size energy bars are big in nutrition but if only one chooses wisely. If you find yourself surviving on junk food more than often then energy bars are indeed for you.  Choosing healthiest energy bar is imperative if you want to reap in full benefits of an nutrition bar.


The healthiest energy bar will comply with following nutrition guidelines and aid you in choosing a best energy bar for yourself.

  1. PROTEIN- energy bars are well-balanced and thus they should be providing a good amount of good quality protein. An energy bar with 5gm or more of protein is a healthiest energy bars to grab.
  2. SUGAR- the energy bars or nutrition bar you zero-in on should be low in sugar. It for the good for sugar does more harm than benefit. An energy bar with less than 8 gm of added sugar is good to go.
  3. CARBOHYDRATES– energy bars are to provide energy but we need clean natural energy. Therefore the bar you go for should not contain more than 20gms of total carbohydrates and a 3-5gms of fiber. This carbohydrate should come from whole grain cereals, fruits, dried fruits etc and not sugar or sugar substitutes.
  4. CALORIES- should not be more than 300-350 kcal. Calories are important consideration and lesser the better.
  5. FATS– look for saturated fat in your bar. If it exceeds 3gms then steer away from that bar. Tran’s fat is something that should be completely in your bar to make it a healthiest energy bar.

Thus, it is true that say that energy bars or nutrition bars can be used to meet all your health goals.