Erowid Methoxetamine (mxe) Vault

Methoxetamine is a dissociative drug of arylyclohexylamines chemical category with stimulant, pain reliever, and depression and anti-depression effects. It belongs to the class of ‘legal highs’ or ‘research chemicals’ and also available in the online stores. MXE is like ketamine and PCP along with its similar effects. But MXE is much stronger drug than ketamine with increased potency and duration of effect which also take role as both serotonin reuptake inhibitor and NMDA receptor antagonist. So users should take only a few amounts and avoid over dosing. Ketamine causes major bladder problems with severe pain and difficulties, hence MXE introduced as a replacement which can direct to surgical elimination of bladder. Hence it is designed to prevent the urotoxicity with its increased potency and reduced dose would control the accumulation of urotoxicity metabolites in bladder.


Normally, this drug will take 10 – 15 minutes to take effects. But sometime it may take 60 – 90 minutes which may lead people to think like not took enough dose and induce to take some more to end up taking too much as a bad time. The major effects of MXE are feeling of warmth, euphoria and being detached from the around world. Many people tell that they feel more relaxed, enlightened and feeling like floating away from own body when taking Methoxetamine drug. It gives great relief shortly from depression and pain which induce people to make use of it. It can also cause instinctive eye movement, unsteadiness on own feet and distorted speech.

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