Healthy Snacks for Your Desk

Health Snacks

Now-a-days in many corporate offices in-house nutrition and wellness programs are quite common. They believe that a healthy employee will give you better results and therefore take care of your staff so that they perform better.

With tight schedules, deadlines, work pressure, stress and time restraints employees are found to be surviving on junk and unhealthy snacks within the workplace. This results in diminished work output, decreased performances, concentration and mental acuity.

Corporate should work in coordination of a wellness coach and train and counsel employees on need to eat healthy. Replacing the junk and unhealthy snacks from office canteens and wending machines to healthier options.


Once healthy snacks are accessible to your staff then dependency on unhealthy junk reduces.  However individual eating behaviours also make a difference. Under stress and pressure to meet deadlines many employee eat sweets and chips (as a response to stress).  This can be avoided by replacing this junk with healthy drinks, energy bars.

In such cases personalised counselling to help make better choices is vital. There are many healthy foods out there that are nourishing, easily available and convenient to eat. Some of healthy snacks you can keep within reach of your desk include –


Protein bars or energy bars contain a healthy mix of assorted ingredients like nuts, oats, quinoa, fruits, dried fruits, seeds etc. They are portable and provide balanced quick nutrition which keeps you energized and nourished for hours. There are great varieties and flavours of nutrition bars available in the market which are natural and with minimum processing.


Packed with protein and calcium, yoghurts are great snacks to be enjoyed at your desk. The beneficial pro-biotic that yoghurt provides is very good for your digestive health. You can also add in a fruit to your bowl of yoghurt and enjoy guilt-free.

  1. NUTS

Roasted or raw, nuts make better munchies to binge on while you are stuck at your desk trying to meet your deadlines or solve a pressing matter. Filled with fibre and protein they promote satiety.  Other important nutrients like potassium, magnesium, and healthy fats like omega 3 offer many health benefits. You can keep a stash of mixed nuts in your drawer and eat without missing on the valuable work hours.



Are you the one with a sweet tooth?  When under stress people normally find themselves drawn towards candies, chocolates and other desserts. These sweet cravings can be overcome by keeping fruits or dried fruits handy.  Fruits and dried fruits contain a natural sweetness and other healthful nutrient whereas your candy bar or chocolate bar is filled with added sugar and empty calories.


Granola bars like energy bars make a great snack.  Granola made from rolled oats, nuts, whole grain cereals and honey also make a great meal replacement. On the days when time is of essence and sitting for lunch a luxury you can’t afford, granola bars come in handy and healthy. They are fortifying, nourishing and filling compared to other fried junk, cola and energy drink. They are portable meals you can carry or enjoy when stuck in a long meeting or end up doing overtime.


There are many healthy varieties of crackers available in the market.  They are filling and better than other fried stuffs. The crux is to choose a right one for you. Be cautious and look for less processed one with the 100% whole grain and 0% saturated fat.

Healthy eating is not difficult and is all about good choices. If you decide to lead a healthy life and genuinely desire to change your eating habits, you can! So, stop making excuses and start eating healthy today!