How to Get Your Children Interested in Healthy Eating


If you have ever tried to feed a child vegetables, then you know all too well just how much they don’t’ enjoy it. While, as an adult, you know the importance of eating healthy and managing a diet, children are more concerned about the taste of the food being put in front of them. Unfortunately, healthier options can’t always compete on flavor.

If this sounds all too familiar and you are about to give up, below are some great ways which can help.

Don’t Rush It!

The biggest mistake that you can make is to present your child with a plate of nothing but healthy food, in replacement of the delicious and unhealthy meal they ate the night before.


Instead, introduce new items gradually. For example:

Week 1 – Introduce a vegetable to their plate. Include the same vegetable for the week.

Week 2 – Replace two oil cooked meals with grilled alternatives (while still including the vegetable from Week 1).

Week 3 – Serve fresh fruit alongside dessert each night.

Week 4 – Three meals are made entirely from healthy ingredients.

By introducing healthy items to your child’s diet slowly, they will be much less resistant. Use the above list as a guide rough guide to help.

Do They Enjoy Eating?

If your child considers eating healthy food to be a chore, then add some fun into the mix! Check out the Groupon Coupons page for Disney Store and pick up some themed cutlery, plates, and serving dishes. These can make all the difference when it comes time to serve your healthy alternatives.

Another way to help make eating healthy food enjoyable is to take your children out for a special treat to a restaurant. However,  instead of choosing a fatty burger and fries, encourage them to choose a healthy alternative to the burger while ordering a smaller portion of fries. This helps them to see that eating healthy isn’t just something boring people do at home.

Flavor Is Your Friend

Not all flavor comes from sugar and oil. In fact, many of the flavors that your child enjoys eating likely come from spices and sauces. Make a list of their favorite foods and look for common flavoring ingredients which you can use in the kitchen, yourself. By including spices to replicate their favorite flavors, kids enjoy eating and are more likely to resist that side plate of vegetables.

When it comes to sauces, if they enjoy ketchup, look for a reduced salt alternative. Follow the same route for all sauces which they enjoy. While a healthier alternative may not taste the same, if given the choice of a healthy sauce or no sauce on their vegetables, you know which one they are likely to choose.

No parent has ever said that feeding their child healthy food was easy. And with the competition from fast food giants, it can be hard for any parent even to tempt their child to each healthy food. However, it doesn’t mean that it is the impossible task. Keep these tips in mind and watch just how quickly your child switches their eating habits without complaint.