How to Safeguard Your Purchase of Methoxetamine


The term ‘Research Chemical’ has been increasingly becoming the hottest keywords in the online arena. It has been gaining recognition through various chemicals such as Methylone, Mephedrone, MDPV and a host of available pills and powders. It would be no surprise that a number of websites selling these research chemicals has increased enormously during the past year. At present, the latest batch of legal drugs has hit the market such as Methoxetamine, Methiopropamine, Phenazepam and more. As a result, there have been more scammers than ever. The below mentioned top tips would help you in avoiding loss of money and obtaining fake products.

Check Safe or Scam

Also known as SoS, this has to be your foremost priority when researching for a new vendor. The various customer reviews along with a numerical rating system having invitation only based membership makes it a great place.


Contact the website

Presently, a plethora of websites have been offering their phone number along with their email address. You should not back out to get in touch with them. Despite there being several exceptions to this rule, it stands to reason that a vendor taking weeks for replying to your email would imply a good chance that their shipping times might leave you frustrated.

Checking the product information

We reside in an era where you could lay your hands on limitless information. You could look up for the chemical name if you really wish to purchase Methoxetamine. It should match the information provide on the website of the vendor.

You would be required to go through their product information thoroughly. You have to be sure about the purity of the chemical used. If possible, you should try to find out how long the vendor had purchased the overall stock. In addition, you should take time to find out how they have been storing the product.

Packaging the product

The best method would be to double bag the product. It would reduce the risk of your product emptied on to the floor. However, a majority of vendors might not be following this golden rule of double packaging the product. Double packaging would reduce any considerable risk to the product along with not putting burden of extra cost on the vendor.

Kinds of payment methods accepted

A majority of vendors might only accept Western Union or Money Gram and yet they would be as good as gold. However, these payment methods do not reserve any protection for the product. In case, of any dispute arising on the part of the vendor, nothing much could be done by these payment modes. On the contrary, payment modes such as PayPal, Bank Transfers and Credit Cards would offer you some respite in case the vendor has scammed.