Look Behind the Scenes at Long Term Care Facilities


It is usually clear when a loved one is unable to live alone. If they are not feeding themselves, are losing weight, are unbathed, or simply cannot get around their home then it is time to look into nursing care. However, trusting a stranger to take care of someone you love is not easy either. You may be tempted to take care of your loved one on your own, but depending on situations and medical issues this may not be the safest route. The best way to ensure their long term health is to look for a nursing facility that meets your requirements and their needs.


You are Their Advocate

However, just because you are looking into a long term care facility does not mean that you have to abandon their care all together. Everyone needs an advocate to make sure that they continue to receive the proper care. Unfortunately, not all nursing homes are the same and not all long term care facilities live up to the image they attempt to radiate during visits and in brochures. It is your job to be the squeaky wheel to make sure that your loved one is always taken care of. If you are vigilant and watch the conditions of the home you can make sure they are still being properly taken care of.

Check out the Mess Hall

One of the best ways to see if their dietary needs are being met properly is by dining with them. Not only will this boost your loved one’s spirits, because everyone loves to eat with someone else, it gives you a good idea of how much they eating. During the senior years a lot of people need assistance to eat. Therefore, while you want to see that the food is tasty, you also want to see that your loved one is getting the support to eat properly. If they are not then this is a real sign that something needs to be addressed.

How Does the Staff Interact?

While you are no doubt concerned about how the staff interacts with your loved one, you are likely never going to see bad behavior while you are there. However, you can gauge their appropriate responses by watching how they react with each other. When checking out long-term care facilities in Atlanta GA watch the background carefully to see how staff members interact with each other. If they are rude, terse, bored, or just nonchalant then this is a good indicator of how they will be with your loved one when no one is watching.

Talk to Some Staff Members

At some point in the conversation casually ask if the staff members work a lot of double shifts or put in overtime. Make it light hearted, but find out because if they do it’s a clear sign that the nursing home is probably frequently short staffed. This dramatically affects patient care and means that most of the aid your loved one receives will be stressed or tired which changes the level of care.