What to Do on Your First Appointment with a New Dentist


Seeing a new dentist can be intimidating if you allow it to be. However, there is no reason why it needs to be, as there are steps you can take to make it more likely that your appointment will go smoothly.

Accept Nervousness or Fear

If you are intimidated by the idea of seeing a new dentist, it is better to make that obvious through your behavior and choice of words during the appointment. Trying to deny feelings of fear or nervousness about going to a dentist appointment in Anderson, SC will only make the experience worse for you. Dentists are accustomed to patients being nervous during their appointment, and will treat you accordingly. A good dentist will respect any fears or nervousness you are experiencing about seeing them.

Write Down or Verbalize Your Fears

The goal of visiting a dentist is to improve your oral health and this may be difficult to do if your dentist isn’t aware of your fears. You will either need to tell the dentist what your fears are or write them down in advance so you have a list to refer to when you come face to face with him or her. This is the time to tell your dentist anything you are concerned about when it comes to your teeth, gums etc. The more open you are, the easier it will be for you to get the treatment you went in for.

Schedule The Appointment When You Can Relax

The timing of your first appointment with someone new is crucial to the quality of the experience, especially if you are anxious or fearful about being there. The more relaxed you are during your appointment the more successful it will be. This means that if you are at your best in the early afternoon, try to schedule your appointment during those hours. Feeling as calm and in control as possible will help make the experience less intimidating.

Observe Your Surroundings

The condition of the dental office and the people in it is important to determine on the first visit. Pay attention to everything from how sterile and organized the exam room is to how the dentist interacts with his or her assistant and other employees in the office. As long as they are kind, respectful, honest and approachable you are not likely to have anything to worry about during the visit.

Bring A Friend

Sometimes it helps to bring a friend or family member with you for your first appointment. Depending on your comfort level, they can either sit in the waiting room while you are seen, or stay by your side while you’re in the exam. A compassionate dentist will not have a problem with a loved one being in the exam room with you. If they are bothered by it, you will have to decide whether or not this person is a good choice for you. There are many other dentists to choose from if you are unhappy with a new one.