Winstrol, Choosing the Lesser Evil

Winstroll Choosing

There are many ways in which one can achieve the body goals and physique that he or she wants and one way to achieve it is by using anabolic steroids. While this isn’t the preferred method for ones who want to go “all natural”, it is usually preferred by athletes and bodybuilders who experience time constraints and want to have rapid development.

There are a lot of different steroids, each with their own specific purpose and these steroids are usually incorporated into an athlete’s or bodybuilder’s cycle to get the most results in a short amount of time. Steroids can both be used in bulking and cutting cycles while most of the time, there are steroids that function better when used in a specific cycle. The ever popular stanozolol or more commonly known as winstrol is a very effective steroid when used in cutting cycles. There are two ways which one can administer winstrol, it’s either by oral or by injectable. However, all forms are toxic to the liver, in which case if you’re really set on using it, best pick the lesser evil.

Pick one that can do lesser harm

When using winstrol as with all steroids, you put yourself at risk of getting side effects. While the side effects from this anabolic steroid isn’t quite as severe compared to other, more potent steroids, the side effects one can get can get a bit annoying and frustrating too. Best be aware of the side effects one can get from taking the steroid.

While both variants can be harmful to the liver, the oral type can prove to be more harmful since it is ingested and usually broken down by the liver. The good thing is that when you stop using oral winstrol, your liver will start to heal and regenerate itself.

Dosage problems

Probably one of the main reasons why steroids are classified as controlled substances and are usually illegal to purchase over the counter without prescription is that some people tend to abuse its usage and get adverse side effects. While the side effects are pretty much unavoidable with regard to steroid usage, what one can do is to minimize the risk of getting these side effects. Sticking to the recommended dosage will definitely decrease the risk of contracting these side effects or choosing an alternative supplement that mimics the effects can be a much safer option. While the steroid alternatives can prove to be more safe, the effects one can get from it aren’t quite as much as compared to using the real thing.

Beginner suggestion

If you’re just starting to use steroids or winstrol specifically, it’s best to start with the lowest possible recommended dosage just so you can get the feel of it as well as it gives your body time to adjust to the effects. When you feel like the dosage you are taking isn’t quite enough to supply you with the results you want, then you can increase your dosage by small amounts over time.

When using steroids such as winstrol, as with all other anabolic steroids, the side effects are there. What one can do to reduce the risk of getting these side effects is staying well within the recommended dosage as well as duration of use. After getting the results one wants, it’s best to stop using the steroid all together to give the body time to recover from it. In terms of maintaining the physique, this can be achieved by proper diet, nutrition and exercise routines.